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Fitness Memberships

At the Utah Athletic Center we offer a wide range of FNX CrossFit classes. Classes start 5:30AM with the last class being offered at 6:00PM, Monday through Thursday. Friday schedules change a small amount with the last class at 5:00PM and no 12:00PM class. Memberships prices may vary so feel free to call Kathy or Andy.                      (Numbers are available below)
You may be thinking “Why CrossFit?”, well I can tell you that if you have a difficult time staying motivated to workout than these classes most likely will become your saving grace. You never workout alone you have a coach there to ensure proper lifting and exercise technique, as well as, adjusting workouts as needed per person/injury so you don’t have to stop working out all together.
Come on in and check it out or give Kathy or Andy a call voicing your questions, comments or concerns.
They are there for you! They want to see you succeed!

Kathy: (801)652-4745
Andy: (801)541-6820

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